Cybermentor Fusion Gathering

Cybermentor invites you to an important celebration… Fusion Gathering 2016!

Girls ages 11 – 18 (or Grades 6 – 12) join Cybermentor to celebrate the conclusion of an exceptional season. Enjoy a fun design and engineering activity, guest speakers, industry panel and reception lunch.

Last year participants designed and built LED jellyfish umbrellas. This year they will create umbrella storm clouds with thunder and LED rain. Participants will have the opportunity to display their engineered art creations at Beakernight 2016.

The Fusion Gathering 2016 includes:

  • Opportunities for mentees and mentors to meet one another
  • Beakerhead engineering+art activities and registration to present your fusion design at Beakernight 2016.
  • Lunch and Networking
  • Learn to solder and other new skills
  • Try out some coding
  • And much more!

We value your involvement, and hope to see you there!

For inquiries, please see the FAQ section below, or contact the Cybermentor Team at or 403-220-8283.

Register Here


Shed some light on your creative side! And undertake your next home decor project in the name of science.
By the end of this two-day workshop, you will be the proud creator and owner of a beautiful work of lighting for your home or office. We’re not talking crafts here, we’re talking about a gorgeous item that no one will believe you made.
The fact that you will effortlessly enter the world of design software and laser cutting is part of the beauty. Not only will your friends be impressed by your new home décor item, but also your new-fangled technical knowledge!


Your learning helps researchers learn too
This workshop is part of a research project led by the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary – a Beakerhead partner.  All participants must be willing to give feedback on the workshop and sign waivers allowing the workshop leaders to document the event.

Two consecutive Saturday afternoons are required to complete the project

  • Saturday, January 23, 2016 1:00 – 3:00 pm
  • Saturday, January 30, 2016 1:00 – 4:00 pm

A day of raw imagination

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On Saturday, January 9, 24 participants journeyed backstage with the magic of The Little Prince – The Musical, and learned how to design and build inflatable art moons and planets.

Award-winning Set and Costume Designer Bretta Gerecke ignited everyone’s imagination in a whole new way, and then put those skills to use to create a collaborative inflatable floating artwork of moons and planets.

The results were truly delightful!

Photos by Andre Goulet.

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Inflatable Art and Design Workshop


Design and innovation are anything but seamless, and that’s where the beauty lies. In this unique hands-on workshop, participants will journey backstage with the magic of The Little Prince – The Musical.

Award-winning Set and Costume Designer Bretta Gerecke will re-ignite your imagination in a whole new way, and share proven methods for sparking and testing new ideas by using your hands – and positive creative thinking.  Then put those skills to use to create a collaborative inflatable floating artwork of moons and planets.


Participants will be guided through Bretta’s creative design and problem-solving methods, and will receive a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of The Little Prince set in progress. Then everyone will roll up their sleeves to design, build and launch an inflatable art installation of moons and planets.

The completed pieces will be on exhibit during the world premiere of The Little Prince – The Musical (January 19 – February 28, 2016) and will be re-installed publicly during Beakerhead (September 14 – 18, 2016)!


Bretta Gerecke, Set and Costume Designer
Bretta Gerecke is renowned for her playful,  imaginative and innovative designs. She  is the resident designer at Catalyst Theatre in Edmonton, where she has designed 16 world premieres which have toured globally including New York, London, Edinburgh and Toronto (Elephant Wake, Frankenstein, Nevermore). She has also created designs for Theatre Calgary, Edmonton Opera, the Stratford Festival, the National Arts Center and Cirque du Soleil (Allavita).  She is the recipient of over twenty-five awards and has been shortlisted for the prestigious Siminovitch Prize.

Marjan Eggermont, Associate Dean, Schulich School of Engineering
Marjan Eggermont (BA, BFA, MFA, and PhD candidate) is an accomplished artist, computational designer and educator. As Associate Dean (Student Affairs) with the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Ms. Eggermont works to blend the worlds of design, bio-mimicry and engineering together to foster creative thinkers and builders.


Registration fee $35.
Limited to 24 participants.

To secure your spot, email Kaye Dauter-Booth at, or call 403-294-7440 ext. 1122

Note: Youth 14 years and up are warmly welcome, but must be accommodated by an adult who is also registered for the workshop.


Water, Water Everywhere … and on Your Head!


Have you ever tried walking with gallons of water on your head? This is your chance. You can also learn to make your own Toilet Tank Buddy and save thousands of litres of water per year. These creative ways to understand the science of clean water are brought to you by CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology.

Right next to the handwashing station at Station B, of course. This is a drop-in event.

Designing Disruption: Merging Fashion and Technology (workshop + talk)

Featured at SXSW and in Wired, Dutch textiles innovator and fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk believes that textiles are technology. After all, the clothes on our back are such an integral part of our lives that they too should be considered a medium for social change and as a trigger for technological advancement. In this special presentation, Borre will share his methods of integrating fashion and technology, and explore how the fashion industry can cause positive disruption in our world. Tickets for Talk-only (11:00 am – 12:00 pm): $15

A hands-on workshop will follow where participants will be guided by Borre through scenarios to sketch and prototype their own designs. Materials included. This is a Beakerhead for a Better World, presented in partnership with Trico Charitable Foundation. Tickets for workshop (1:00 – 6:00 pm): $75, includes talk

Recommended for 16+ years old; ideal for adults interested and working in design, fashion, technology and related fields.

An Introduction To Your Nose


Join UBC chemistry professor Stephen McNeil at one of Calgary’s beautiful-smelling, organic skincare shops for a hands-on course on the chemical properties in essential oils and various herbs. Workshop participants will be provided with a base bath product, which they will use to create their own bath products from essential oils and herbs, with a better understanding of the molecular properties of the elixirs in our lives.








Building Your Child’s Brain

The science of early brain development proves that the first years of children’s lives are critical to their cognitive and emotional progress through life. Pair that with the crucial role of play on brain development. In this hands-on setting, parents will interact with their children while learning from neuroscience and early childhood development experts about how to build their child’s brains. This program is for parents with children aged 3 to 6 years. Presented by Mount Royal University.

Questions? Contact now is Heather Pollard at or 403-440-6776



Mad Skills Workshop Series with the League of Extraordinary Albertans

Join the League of Extraordinary Albertans for this 4-part workshop series that takes you through fire, wood and LED on your pursuit to make the extraordinary.

Through the Madskills Workshop Series, you will work with different materials and tools to make an art piece. Our instructors will help you a create a flame effect and wire LEDs to mount to a wooden base that you construct yourself! At the end of the series, not only will you have learned some mad skills, you will have a project you can take home and along with you to festivals like Burning Man and Freezer Burn.

Workshop I FIRE | April 1st, 6 – 9 pm

Instructor: Kane

Skills: Using a blowtorch, pipe cutters, and soldering tools; making secure fittings and connections; checking for propane leaks; as well as propane and fire effect safety.

Product: A 2 ft flame effect (not a flame thrower/poofer)

Note: Participants are required to supply their own propane tank and propane for their piece. We will have propane tanks on site for testing your piece if you do not bring your own to the workshop.

Workshop II CONSTRUCTION | April 8th, 6 – 9 pm

Instructor: Pablo

Skills: Using skill saw, jigsaw, and drills; learning how to measure and determine angular cuts; as well as mounting the fire effect from Workshop I to the wooden structure.

Product: A 5 ft wooden art structure

Workshop III LEDs | April 15th, 6 – 9 pm

Instructor: Half Hour

Skills: Using a soldering iron, wire strippers, and wire cutters, shrink wrap; learning electronics basics such as voltage, current, and resistance; basics of LEDs and picking a power source; build small LED lighting system.

Product: Mount to the wooden structure from Workshop II.

Workshop IV FINISHING TOUCHES | April 22nd, 6 – 9 pm
We would only use this day if we ran out of time in previous sessions to complete the assembly of the art piece.

A Phil Butterworth Experience, this series is initiative of the League of Extraordinary Albertans aiming to support people to access the tools, workspace, and know-how that will help them build more large-scale art in the future.

Girls Learning Code

Feature entry as part of this month’s Wonderment of Beakerhead 2014: Photo Recap 

In 2014, Calgary girls aged eight to 13 got to explore hardware circuitry, computer programming and building with Arduino, in a fun, beginner-friendly way with the guiding hand of Ladies Learning Code organization.

Thanks again to Mount Royal University for providing the welcoming environment for this workshop. Check out Ladies Learning Code for other “Girls Learning Code” and “Kids Learning Code” workshops throughout the year.

Photo by Gemma Wallace
Photo by Gemma Wallace
Photo by Kylie Toh
Photo by Kylie Toh

 Photo by Audrey Kwan

Photo by Audrey Kwan

Click here to see more photos

Your body and its Memory

Your Body and its Memory makes the next Wonderment of Beakerhead 2014: Photo Recap feature.

Hosted at the uber cool Fluevog Calgary, Alberta Ballet head researcher Dr. Terry Clark and the Alberta Ballet Company dancers, demonstrated how dancers store hours of moves in body memory. Participants experienced different ways of learning and recall … and a few cool dance moves too!

Photo by: Gilles Thibault Photography
Photo by: Gilles Thibault Photography

Click here to see more photos

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters Presents Chemistry of Coffee

How do you make a cup of coffee?  The Phil and Sebastian’s team will distill this process, and explore the science behind brewing your own coffee. Various brewing techniques and instruments will be put to good use to understand the engineering behind the coffee bean. Did you know that both Phil and Sebastian are engineering grads? This event is for ages 14+.


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Momentum Drums Workshop

UPDATE:  This workshop is now happening at the Canon Experience Centre at 545 8 Ave SW. Over the course of this afternoon workshop located on the “secret” 6th Floor* of Hudson’s Bay Downtown, you will make, learn and perform, all under inspiring instruction of Momentum Drums, the talented drum troupe in town for Beakerhead from New York! To start, you will build your own set of drums made from everyday household items. Once constructed, let the music begin. Manny and his team will lead you through a number of drumming exercises to get your talents flowing. The finale? A public performance on Stephen Avenue Walk as part of Beakerhead’s Four-to-Six. 

* To access 6th Floor of Hudson’s Bay – use store elevator.

Smarter than a Smart Throwie Programming Workshop

If you have heard of LED throwies, this workshop will kick it up another level! Interactive designer, Brendan Matkin will lead this workshop focused on the design, construction and application of smart throwies: miniature deployable, interactive systems based on the ATtiny85 micro-controllers.

This is a two part workshop, with part 1 taking place Wednesday, August 6 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm and concluding in part 2 on Wednesday, August 13 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. All materials provided, but bring your snack and brain food!

This is a workshop for folks looking to up their programming skills. Age level: 14+. Skill level: intermediate to advanced Arduino skills. Registration required and capacity is 12 participants.

Freak Art Bike Workshop

BikeBike and Beakerhead Present a Freak Art Bike Workshop

BikeBike and Beakerhead present a Freak Art Bike Workshop during Cyclepalooza! If you have always wanted to trick out your bike, this workshop is your kick in the right direction! This DIY workshop is set to get you started on a variety of freak bikes, and whether chopper, fuzzy bike, tall bike or adding some wings to your art bike, the fine folks from BikeBike will lend you a guiding hand. This workshop is BYOB…you know: bring your own bike, and the parts you want to use to commence your masterpiece! Ages 14+. Cost is $20.00.

Contact for workshop details.

REGISTRATION is required here: Click to register!

Makers Night Out: Print Making

TELUS Spark Maker Workshops engage adults 18 and up in learning to use real Maker tools and developing skills of innovation. Each night includes a chance to take home and/or devour your creation and a badge to show off to your friends.

Second Thursday nights during Adults Only Night 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

August 14: Print Making

Learn to create incredible silk screen prints with a local artist. You’ll take home your own project and the skills to keep printing!

Register now by calling 403.817.6800

  • General Rate plus access to Adults Only Night: $45.00 + GST
  • General Rate for just the Workshop: $30.00 + GST
  • Gold, Ignite and Charter Member Discount Rate: $27.00 + GST

No barriers to Beakerhead

Few people can say that they have never heard of Neil Zeller or been delighted by the iconic image he took of the Peace Bridge, seen by millions all over the world.

Neil Zeller is a photographic artist of the highest merit with an eye for capturing the life, not stills.

“Photography is where I cleanse my spirit, nourish my soul and am truly happy. I see the world around me in 4×6 boxes. My eyes capture wide angles, interesting corners, beams of light and faraway things. My goal is to capture in my camera, the story my eyes could never tell you.”

On April 2, Neil and Beakerhead hosted NO BARRIERS TO BEAKERHEAD: Photography Workshop. More than two dozen of Calgary’s semi-professional to professional photographers came out to get a sneak preview of what Beakerhead had in store for September 10-14 and to experience how they too could land those shots at Beakerhead that would be seen across the world.

The photographers in the workshop learned that an assignment isn’t finished when the shot list is fulfilled, it is only done when they deliver that iconic shot their client can use in their marketing and promotion well into the future. They were shown how to be technically ‘ready’ and to ‘be the boss’ at an event, being clear and bold in their direction of all involved, so they can capture that iconic moment. All this, while understanding that it is a great deal of fun to be a part of something so cool like the ‘smash up’ that is Beakerhead!

If you would like to learn more of how you can get involved in Beakerhead – click HERE!

Photo: Kelly Hofer
Photo: Kelly Hofer


 No Barrier shots taken on the night..

Photos: Michelle Hofer
Photos: Michelle Hofer


Photo: Chris Malloy
Photo: Chris Malloy





Photo: Kelly Hofer
Photo: Kelly Hofer
Photo: @GeoKs
Photo: @GeoKs 


Photo: Curtis Anderson
Photo: Curtis Anderson


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.50.13 PM
Neil Zeller photograph of Cmdr Chris Hadfield at the Tremendous and Curious World of Beakerhead makes it to New York’s Times Square, September 2013.

In 2013, more than 62,500 people took part in Beakerhead and more than 60 million media impressions were made all around the world, led by riveting photographs that captured the quirky essence of this new spectacle.

Calgary’s own Neil Zeller Photography and Beakerhead are offering a three-hour workshop for photographers of all stages in their photographic journey, that focuses on the “no barrier” shot… so crucial for capturing world interest to Calgary.

As part of this workshop, participants will get a preview of the visual highlights expected at Beakerhead, from September 10 to 14, and participants may be invited to become a part of our photography team for the 2014 event. As a member of the Beakerhead photography team, you will get behind-the-scenes access to Beakerhead events as well as recognition for your photography on a global stage!

PREREQUISITES: Own camera, a portfolio of work, and willingness to be a part of something awesome! Spaces limited.

This event is full.