50,000 + science + engineering = Beakernight love!

More than 50,000 Calgarians and visitors streamed onto four blocks of avenue and alleyway for a delightful collision of art, science and engineering! On the to-do list for next year? More fire power. Faster line-ups. Intergalactic visitors? We’re on it! Thanks to all who made it a truly unique experience!

Video by Vera Hill

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Beakerhead amongst top Instagrammed

Cool beans – Beakerhead was voted #2 out of 18 most Instagrammed places in Calgary by Notable.ca, sharing the limelight with our pals at Nuit Blanche Calgary. We’re honoured to follow the iconic Peace Bridge.

2. September Festivals: Beakerhead and Nuit Blanche Calgary
On back-to-back weekends in September, we risked sensory overload as the inner-city transformed into an arts and science playground with these two festivals. From Ferris wheel restaurants and flaming robots, to a subtle spotlight that lured #nenshi in for a soliloquy, the photo ops were endless.

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