Relativity Speaking


Bask in the glow of ingenious design (and illuminated, interactive art!) while you hear about the inspiration and challenges behind the artworks on 17th Ave SW this year for Beakerhead – from touchable protection art to geek-inspired prints. Hear from Dave Kousemaker (Netherlands), Alex Beim (Vancouver) and Michel Mateyko (Calgary).

Limited Edition 2015 Prints – On Sale Now!

Ten artists with big imaginations. One spectacular line up of programs and events. Eight inspired limited edition Beakerhead prints.

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Meandering through nature. A flash of brilliance in the shower. A boost to your brain’s neuroplasticity through a touch of evening exercise.

And in the case of ten talented local Albertan artists, through the programs and events happening during Beakerhead this year!

A special collection of limited edition prints are now on sale! Explore the inspiration behind each creation:

Buy now in the online gallery, or find ’em around Calgary at:

Each print is hand-signed by the artist and is numbered from 1 to 35.

$43 per print (proceeds from sales support the artist(s) and Beakerhead)

Dimensions: 56.5cm W x 76cm H (22.25″ W x 30″ H)