MEDIA RELEASE: Many Hands Make Great Art Winners Announced

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[Calgary, Canada | February 23, 2016] — Metal flowers will erupt with flame, while a steampunk dirigible floats nearby. Passers-by feed a recycling bovine while other visitors help make a ceramic explosion.

Six new engineered community art projects are being announced today that will be built over the coming months with support from Beakerhead’s Many Hands Make Great Art program, which is in its second year and funded by The Calgary Foundation. The successful projects all required to involve a community in the creation of the artwork, and must include both adults and youth.

“The best part of these builds is watching the drama unfold as the teams try to create something entirely original,” says Jay Ingram, Canadian science broadcaster and Beakerhead co-founder.

All projects will premiere at Beakerhead this September 14-18, 2016. Some will even take flight! The awarded projects include:

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“In order to be fluent in a language, you have to be immersed in a culture, surrounded by others. The same goes for learning how to apply science, engineering and creativity. That’s exactly what will happen in these projects. And, the outcome will delight us all,” says Beakerhead chair and co-founder Mary Anne Moser.

These community projects are part of Beakerhead’s goal to create a mainstream platform for science and engineering.

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Media Contact: Michelle Htun-Kay at 1-403-971-5180 or

MEDIA RELEASE: Official kick-off for Beakerhead …

For Immediate Release / September 16, 2015


Official kick-off for Beakerhead
takes place in the world’s largest pop-up gallery

[Calgary, Canada] — The five days of Beakerhead officially get rolling today with the world’s largest pop-up gallery, called a String (Theory) of Incredible Encounters, with a circumference of five kilometres around downtown Calgary.

The series of public art installations is an exploration in creativity at the crossroads of art, science and engineering, and can be seen by touring Calgary’s neighbourhoods, from Inglewood to East Village to Victoria Park, 17th Ave and Kensington. The home base or hub for Beakerhead this year is at Station B (the Beakerhead moniker for installations at Fort Calgary).

Station B is home to two other massive firsts – a 30-foot high version of the arcade claw game, and a 6,400 square foot sandbox – all designed to inspire human ingenuity.

Beakerhead 2015 event will erupt on the streets and venues of Calgary from September 16 to 20, and includes more than 160 collaborators and 60 public events, ranging from theatre where the audience is dining as part of the show to installations where you walk through a human nose. More than 25,000 students will be engaged in Beakerhead through field trips, classroom visits and ingenuity challenges.

“Four years ago, Suncor decided to support Beakerhead because they celebrate and foster learning and collaboration between science, arts and technology in wonderful and innovative ways,” says Gary Bunio, general manager, strategic technology, Suncor. “This incredible event has done just that and shown us that the possibilities are larger than any of us can imagine when you bring together engineers and artists, and unleash the creative talent in both.”

The five-day long event attracts residents and tourists from around the world. Visitors will encounter a number of international debuts, such as a 35-feet tall inflatable artwork named The Fabulist, an interactive light installation called Up Above, So Below, a 10,000 mushroom block installation called In/Flux, and the international premiere of part science, part musical show, called the Rock ‘n Roll History of Space Exploration.

“We are pleased to be a partner of the Beakerhead for a Better World exhibits, celebrating how science, engineering and art can expand our minds, engage our senses, and solve the planet’s most challenging social problems.” Wayne Chiu, Executive Chair of the Trico Charitable Foundation.

To learn more about Beakerhead’s third year line-up, visit

Media Contact:

Michelle Htun-Kay



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Media Release: Festo BionicOpter creates buzz at Beakerhead

Festo’s ultra-light flight model BionicOpter will fly at Beakerhead’s science, technology, engineering and arts spectacle.

With the BionicOpter, Festo has applied the highly complex flight characteristics of the dragonfly to an ultra-lightweight flying object at a technical level. As technological leader and a learning company, the German based company will demonstrate how nature provides inspiration to kick-start innovation and create the automation technology of the future at this year’s Beakerhead, which is partnering with the University of Calgary and the Schulich School of Engineering.  Presentations of Festo’s Bionic Learning Network and the BionicOpter will take place throughout the week at the University of Calgary, during Beakernight and various school programs as well as at the Calgary Zoo. For a detailed schedule, please visit

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Media Release: GZA of Wu-Tang Clan in opening event for Beakerhead 2015

[Calgary, Canada] — Tickets go on sale today for Beakerhead, a smash up of art, science and engineering that will erupt in Calgary this September 16 to 20. More than 60 events will be part of the five-day program, the majority of which are free. For those events requiring tickets, online sales and registrations start today August 1 at 9:00 am.

Last year, 73,000 people attended in total, and some ticketed events sold out within 24 hours. This year, the line- up includes more ticketed events than last year, and many more Calgary restaurants taking part.

Highlights include:

  • Opening Night with GZA, member of the Wu-Tang Clan in a 6400 sq-foot sandbox at Fort Calgary.
  • The international premiere of Rock n’ Roll History of Space Exploration with Jay Ingram, part science, part rock ‘n roll.
  • The Gorgeous Molecule, a molecular gastronomy food experience with top chefs, and The Gorgeous Libation, a one-night-only pop-up bar.
  • How Doing Good in the World is Great Business, a lunch date with social entrepreneurs.
  • Late Night Labs: Three hours, six stops and probably the most memorable hands-on tour you’ll ever take.
  • Taste, a performance in which the audience are also diners at River Café.
  • The best of the Bleak Midwinter Film Festival brings the animated shorts to Beakerhead, as … Bleakerhead.
  • Hear from seven of the world’s best science storytellers in The Seven Wonderers.

All events can be found and purchased at

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Media Contact

Michelle Htun-Kay


MEDIA RELEASE: Beakerhead 2015 will start at point … B

[Calgary, Alberta | June 10, 2015] — The third year of Beakerhead, the Calgary-born spectacle of art, science and engineering, will have at its hub a blown-up playground complete with massive “sandbox for human ingenuity” and a 30-foot high version of the arcade claw game, called Station B.

The Beakerhead line-up for 2015 is unveiled today with a dose of quirky spectacle that is coming to be associated with this annual five-day event. In addition to Station B, some of the major program elements are:

  • Opening Night: An outdoor musical kick-off at Fort Calgary featuring GZA, science advocate and rapper with the Grammy-nominated group Wu-Tang Clan, on Wednesday, September 16.
  • A String (Theory) of Incredible Encounters: A sequence of public engineered artworks from 17th Avenue SW, East Village and Victoria Park to Kensington and downtown Calgary, open all day, every day from September 16 – 20.
  • The Gorgeous Molecule: A sublime food and cocktail lab experience in the historic Barron Building, on Thursday, September 17.
  • Rock n’ Roll History of Space Exploration: The international premiere of a live visual and musical journey through space exploration! Two shows, September 17 and 18.
  • Beakernight: A massive street spectacle on a four-block stretch of 10 Ave SW with fire-erupting skee ball, rocket ship crane rides, 3D projection musical parties and hands-on encounters with technology, on Saturday, September 19.

From September 16 – 20, Calgary’s venues and public spaces will be filled with cultural encounters with science and engineering, brought to life by more than 100 collaborators.

The citywide roster of educational entertainment is supported by community donors, corporate sponsors and government. Last year 73,000 people took part, including 20,000 school students.

“Our Government is committed to creating an environment where leaders of tomorrow can blend creativity and technical knowledge to help drive innovation, growth, and long-term prosperity,” said the Honourable Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification. “We are proud to support Beakerhead in its efforts to be a catalyst in inspiring and engaging Canadians to bring the disciplines of art, science, and engineering together.”

“Innovation and creativity are core to how we work at Suncor, which is why we are very excited to once again be part of Beakerhead,” said Pat O’Reilly, director, Sustainability and Outreach, Suncor. “Each year Beakerhead brings new and exciting ideas that embrace arts, science, and engineering and inspire thinking, acting and creating differently.”

The preliminary event schedule can be downloaded here.  Most events are free. Ticketed events on sale in August. See website for special hotel and travel offers.

Media Contact: Michelle Htun-Kay at 1-403-971-5180 or

Beakerhead 2015 Program

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A meal of crickets in a mushroom block dwelling … the future?

MEDIA RELEASE: Beakerhead Creative Society and Trico Charitable Foundation connect ingenuity and the social good

[Calgary, Canada | 2 June 2015] — A cul-de-sac in Calgary will become an outdoor gallery for a large-scale structure made from mushrooms this September as part of the annual smash up of art, science and engineering called Beakerhead. The blocks, made from mushroom spores and agricultural waste, are the brainchild of an entrepreneur who wanted to build packaging materials out of compostable materials rather than foam or plastic.

The mushroom blocks are one of five ‘Beakerhead for a Better World’ projects that will be part of the Beakerhead experience this September through a partnership with the Trico Charitable Foundation. The experiences will highlight how smash ups of art, science and engineering can help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, including reimagining food (cooking classes involving cricket flour); reimagining clothing (workshops on air purifying body suits); reimagining energy (homemade solar harnessing devices) and even reimagining the iconic example of ingenuity, the light bulb (installations using light bulbs with a lifespan of several decades).

“Engineering and art have deeply related traits that make them perfect tools for reimaging how our world works. We believe that art and engineering can change the world, and through Beakerhead, Calgarians will experience five powerful examples. We hope these stories inspire our city to create their own solutions, combining art, engineering and social entrepreneurship for a better world,” says Wayne Chiu, Executive Chair of the Trico Charitable Foundation. The Trico Charitable Foundation provokes innovation and builds capacity in social entrepreneurship.

“Human ingenuity requires the use of all your skills – both creative and technical. That’s what Beakerhead is all about. As a registered educational charity, we’re keen to partner with the Trico Charitable Foundation to show how these skills can be focused on making the world a better place,” said Mary Anne Moser, president and co-founder of Beakerhead Creative Society.

Beakerhead is a year-round initiative that culminates every September in five days of engineered works of art and interactive experiences, turning Calgary into a playground for new ideas that bring art and entertainment together with science and engineering. Everyone is welcome, and the majority of events are free.

The third annual Beakerhead will run September 16-20, 2015. The 2015 program highlights will be announced on June 10, 2015.

Contact: Michelle Htun-Kay, +1-403-971-5180 or

Note to editors: Backgrounder attached includes description of five socially minded entrepreneurs coming to Calgary.
Download the complete media release and backgrounder – click here

B-roll for media usage (downloadable file available by clicking on the title): Ecovative Organic Mushroom Blocks


Talisman Energy Inc. becomes Presenting Sponsor of K-12 Education Program

Beakerhead educational program receives three-year commitment from Talisman Energy Inc.

Chemistry homework may come with … a paintbrush?

[Media Release on 3 April 2014, Calgary, Canada] — Calgary and surrounding area students will take part in a city-wide and largely outdoor learning laboratory this September as part of Beakerhead, a made-in-Alberta “smash up” of art, science and engineering that is gaining attention around the globe.

The education program, which opened today for parent, teacher and school registration, has received three years of funding ($300,000) from Talisman Energy Inc. Talisman Energy Inc. is the presenting sponsor of the Beakerhead K-12 education program.

Beakerhead opens a door to the worlds of science and engineering through art and culture. A combination of creative and rational skills are developed through hands-on experiences that help students use the arts and the sciences together to engage a broader range and synergy of interests.

In 2014, there are five ways that students and schools will be involved with Beakerhead:

• Summer Intensive: a three-week summer credit course, open to students going into grades 10 to 12.

• Ignition Crew: a group of students in Grades 9 to 12, selected by teachers and mentors, to experience Beakerhead behind the scenes and act as student ambassadors.

• Atomic 13: a three-day ingenuity challenge that involves the entire school.

• Field Trips: to visit interactive exhibit sites during Beakerhead, September 10-12, 2014.

• School Visits: to meet artists and engineers in their classrooms, September 10-12, 2014.

Space is limited, so teachers, parents and schools are encouraged to register early at Bussing subsidies are available to schools in financial need.

“Research shows that students in general do not think of science as a creative pursuit, nor the arts a field that involves science and engineering. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth,” says Mary Anne Moser, President and Co-Founder of Beakerhead.

The second annual Beakerhead will run September 10-14, 2014. This large-scale participatory spectacle invites local and international artists, engineers, scientists, makers and students to create, compete and exhibit interactive works each fall.

“Supporting Beakerhead is a natural fit for Talisman and aligns well with our commitment to support innovative education programming that provides students with the skills and experience needed to succeed in Canada’s rapidly changing workforce. By combining art with science, technology, engineering and math, the Beakerhead program creates unique opportunities for students to explore and learn in an engaging way while making the experience inspiring, relevant and fun,” says Amy Jarek, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Talisman Energy Inc.

Beakerhead is a registered charity that advances education at the crossroads of art, science and engineering.

Contact: Michelle Htun-Kay, 403-830-1668 or