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Highlights of the MakeFashion 2016 Gala

The MakeFashion Wearable Tech Gala and Runway Show last Satuday was … A-MA-ZING!

The annual MakeFashion gala in Calgary is unlike any other fashion or technology show; the pieces created are engineered with high tech electronics that transform the garmet into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece.

There were both local and international designers who participated this year. One of my favorites was the “snow queen” and “Japanese Lantern” dresses that were created by team “Kiki Forever” part of the Zyris Organization.

Photo by Tina Amini.
Photo by Tina Amini.

The bright LED lighting and colors in the creations by “Kiki Forever” illuminated the silhouette of the dresses, allowing them to take over the catwalk.

Another highlight for me was the prosthetic fashion creations by Alleles Design Studio. I was anticipating their pieces since last year, and they did not disappoint! There were two prosthetic covers designed by them that included LED technology.

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MakeFashion Gala is Almost Here!

The annual MakeFashion runway gala exhibits technology infused into fashion that creates wearable pieces of art. And this year, the fourth annual show will once again catwalk through TELUS Spark’s atrium on Saturday, April 2.

Three Calgarians founded MakeFashion in 2012, merging fashion, engineering and cutting edge electronics to create high-fashion and high-tech pieces.

2015 was my first experience, and I had a blast taking photos and taking the whole interactive environment.

It was different from any other runway event I had ever seen. The dark atmosphere and lit up pieces of wearable technology were very majestic and fun to watch. Check out the images I took last year. I would recommend the event to anyone who enjoys fashion or technology.

MakeFashion 2015 at the TELUS Spark (Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)
MakeFashion 2015 at the TELUS Spark (Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)
(Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)
(Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)

And it’s not just for show. Take for example, Alleles Design Studio who design and create prosthetic limbs — their work is both breath-taking and meaningful.

(Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)
(Photo by Tina Amini/SAIT Polytechnic)

I can’t wait to see what Make Fashion has in store for this year! Be sure to re-visit the Beakerhead website next week for my review blog of this Saturday’s event.

By Tina Amini (SAIT journalist student and Beakerhead 2016 intern) - Above image is from MakeFashion 2015  photography copyright Jeff McDonald


A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole


Gather your friends for a delightful adventure through the neighborhood of Victoria Park.

Start in Central Memorial Park for an artist talk by Australian artist Amanda Parer, creator of Intrude, plus clues on where to find a hidden bunny in the ‘hood. That white rabbit might unlock some entertaining experiences for you along the way, including:

6:00 pm – Experience the Star Car, an interactive galactic vehicle
6:30 pm – Artist talk by Intrude artist, Amanda Parer
7:00 pm – Poetry by Christian Bok and Calgary 2015 Poet Laureate Derek Beaulieu
7:30 pm – Wandering wearable technology models from Make Fashion

…and, as the sun sets, the rabbits will come to life in a whole new light!

Click here to learn more about Intrude … part of the String (Theory) of  Incredible Experiences