Date Night … in a lab?!

Growing up, I’d never hesitate to pass up the chemistry lab in favour of the library, and conjugating verbs was more my speed than controlling variables. If my science teacher had let me make my own ice cream, taste test top-notch tonic water, or beat my friends in a balancing contest, though, I would have been the first one in class with my lab coat on. On Beakerhead’s Late Night Labs tour, participants will have the chance to do all of this and more, and there’s no research report to hand in when it’s all over!

Pre-lab takes place at Container Bar, where Late Night Lab-ers will be treated to a mystery molecular cocktail. From Kensington, they’ll be whisked off to the University of Calgary, where they’ll put on their lab coats and get down to business, and by business I mean balancing on one foot with their eyes closed, testing their hand washing skills under black light, and making pennies into silver keepsakes. Who knew studying could be so much fun?

We all how hard it is to concentrate in class on an empty stomach, so renowned Calgary chef Nicole Gomes will be supplying dinner to go. She wowed the judges on Top Chef with her creative creations, so I’m pretty envious of the lucky crew that will be eating her gourmet treats on Thursday.

When I’m ready to rush to the lab, you know there has got to be some pretty special science going on. Sadly for me, Late Night Labs is all sold out, but those of you on the tour better get ready for the science class you always wish you had!

By Heather Gummo (Beakerhead Social Media Crew)