Calgary’s Sunalta Elementary Gr.6 Students Win Ingenuity Challenge

Think you’re more creative than a school kid? Think again, especially when you’re matched against 7,971 students from 108 entries across Alberta!

Beakerhead’s annual Ingenuity Challenge hands students a simple Periodic Table ingredient (A13) in a creative science-themed challenge. In five school days, students then collaboratively design and build these creative projects to show their classmates… and the world!

In September, almost 8,000 Alberta-based students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, created charming and dazzling projects using a massive spool of tin foil and the theme, things are larger than life!

Check out their creations – click here!

The 108 submissions that Beakerhead received were then evaluated by Devon Canada employees. The overall winner was Grade 6, made up of 46 students, from Sunalta Elementary School in Calgary, who used 500 feet of aluminum foil.

Beakerhead invites all Alberta-based KG to Grade 12 classes to get creative this 2015/2016 school year – and to share their creativity with Beakerhead via email at or on social media via @Beakerhead.

Teachers who want to have their classes participate in the 4th annual Atomic 13 Ingenuity Challenge in 2016 or other Beakerhead School Programs, please visit the website for updates and school program announcements.

Lara Presber’s ingenuity challenge

A true Wonderment of Beakerhead 2014: Photo Recap is witnessing a model striding down the catwalk in an awe-inspiring dress.

In 2014, Beakerhead threw the gauntlet down to Lara Presber to create in two-hours a dress made out of aluminum foil. And if that wasn’t enough, it also had to be able to make its way down a catwalk without any Janet Jackson moments! Result? Creative success for Lara Presber!

Thanks again to Studio Presber and the Hudson Bay Company for being part of this creative ingenuity challenge.

Photo by Kelly Hofer Photography
Photo by Kelly Hofer Photography
Photo by Kelly Hofer Photography
Photo by Kelly Hofer Photography

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