Request for Proposals: Industrial Food Program

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Beakerhead’s weeklong events in September take over the city, introducing fun activities that are an exciting smash up of art and science. There will be various interactive events and exhibits for attendees to take part in. Amongst the more than 60 events is the Industrial Food Program as part of Beakerhead’s Engineered Eats theme.

This is a call out for event planners and event management companies based in Calgary, who want to take part in this delicious interactive event. 

In 2016, Beakerhead’s food program will feature all things industrial arts! Imagine fire, tools, and heavy equipment, all coming together and turned into a fine-dining experience!


Deadline for proposals is end of day April 15, 2016.

QUESTIONS: Contact Hanan at or at 403-701-0130.

Photo by Nic Sharkey.

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