MEDIA RELEASE: Many Hands Make Great Art Winners Announced

Explosion of Creativity – a sculpture that depicts the Big Bang, where elements of the explosion are shaped onsite by the public

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[Calgary, Canada | February 23, 2016] — Metal flowers will erupt with flame, while a steampunk dirigible floats nearby. Passers-by feed a recycling bovine while other visitors help make a ceramic explosion.

Six new engineered community art projects are being announced today that will be built over the coming months with support from Beakerhead’s Many Hands Make Great Art program, which is in its second year and funded by The Calgary Foundation. The successful projects all required to involve a community in the creation of the artwork, and must include both adults and youth.

“The best part of these builds is watching the drama unfold as the teams try to create something entirely original,” says Jay Ingram, Canadian science broadcaster and Beakerhead co-founder.

All projects will premiere at Beakerhead this September 14-18, 2016. Some will even take flight! The awarded projects include:

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“In order to be fluent in a language, you have to be immersed in a culture, surrounded by others. The same goes for learning how to apply science, engineering and creativity. That’s exactly what will happen in these projects. And, the outcome will delight us all,” says Beakerhead chair and co-founder Mary Anne Moser.

These community projects are part of Beakerhead’s goal to create a mainstream platform for science and engineering.

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