Bill Was Here!


A hungry friend will roam the streets during Beakerhead this September… and his name is Bill!

Bill is a money-eating robot complete with swallowing device made from printer parts. His body parts are custom-made steel. He’s a pretty slick robot, thanks to artist Cory Barkman.

As his name suggests, Bill will be making guest appearances at Beakerhead events with his healthy appetite for donations. Feeding Bill is a hands-on experience. First raise his nose to switch on the intake rollers, hear the gears turning then Bill will slurp up his snack, right out of your hand.


All of Bill’s “food” will go straight to supporting more Beakerhead events and programs in Calgary. This includes engaging thousands of students in combined art, science and engineering education programs.

With Beakerhead in its third year of full-swing festivities, Bill is also part of making sure that amazing art/science explosions keep happening across the city.

“Bill is a fun way to donate to a great cause and, like Beakerhead, is a made-in-Alberta original!” says Laura Wells, Director of Development at Beakerhead.


Check out more of Cory’s work.

Look for Bill at Beakerhead events to feed the hungry little guy! You can also follow Bill’s mischief on Twitter @beakerhead  #billwashere

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